What is the C3 trading fee, and how’s it calculated?


    There are maker (MF) and taker fees (TF) applied to any trades made on C3. Makers are traders who provide liquidity by placing limit orders below the market price, while Takers are traders who remove liquidity by placing market orders above the market price. These fees are automatically deducted from your C3 account balance as the trade happens, and are always charged in the asset you are receiving. Example: if you trade ETH/USDT, your fee is paid in ETH.

    The fees depend on your 30-day trading volume. Below is a breakdown of the exact percentages for each fee:

    30 Day Volume (USD)Maker Fee Taker Fee
    $ 0- 100 K0.020%0.070%
    $ 100k K- 1 M0.010%0.070%
    $ 1 – 2 M0.000%0.040%
    $ 2 – 5 M0.000%0.035%
    $ 5 -50 M0.000%0.030%
    $ 50 – 150 M0.000%0.025%
    $ 150 M +0.000%0.020%

    These fees are recalculated based on your trading volume every 30 days. As your trading volume changes, your fee percentages automatically adjust to match the table shown above.

    You’ll see a detailed breakdown of these fees in the Order History tab, inside the “Trade Detail pop up”:

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