What is a margin order?


    Margin orders allow you to trade with funds borrowed from C3 lending pool, known as leverage, to potentially get more gains. You borrow an asset from C3 lending pool to buy or sell a position larger than your account balance. This can increase profit potential, but also involves higher risk due to potential losses greater than your initial investment.

    These margin orders are conducted as cross margin trades. In cross margin trading your entire portfolio is used as collateral for the borrowed funds, which means that all your assets may be at risk if the trade goes against you.

    The amount you can borrow through cross margin will depend on your portfolio value and if you meet the C3 maintenance margin requirement. If your losses approach or exceed this maintenance margin level, your positions may be liquidated to cover the borrowed amount— this is to protect both your account and C3’s liabilities.

    C3 displays your Portfolio value and Maintenance margin at the bottom right corner of your trading screen, inside the overview panel.

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