We’ve seen a lot of crypto exchanges, for good or bad. What makes C3 different?


    C3 is a “self-custodial” exchange, meaning we don’t hold user’s funds in custody. So you — yes you, user — ultimately have max control over your assets. 

    C3 also uses a hybrid architecture, blending the usability of central-exchanges with the user-centered security of DeFi. This hybrid structure gives the C3 exchange some amazing benefits: 

    Faster Trade Execution: C3 offers low-latency trading, as off-chain matching engines can process trades much faster than on-chain order books by not being constrained to blockchain speeds.

    No Gas Costs: Orders are posted and canceled for free without having to pay on-chain transaction fees thanks to the off-chain matching process.

    Scalability: Off-chain matching engines can handle a much larger volume of trades than on-chain order books, making it ideal for high-volume trading markets.

    Privacy: Off-chain order books keep trade C3 users’ activity private, allowing traders to keep their open trades confidential.

    Advanced Features: Off-chain servers can be leveraged to implement sophisticated features such as advanced order types including TWAP, VWAP, and conditional orders.

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