Overview of the trading page


    A) Market Pair Overview: Provides a quick glance at various cryptocurrency pairs available for trading on C3, with their respective price movements and 24 hour price changes.

    B) Wallet: Your connected wallet will always display in the top right. 

    C) Chart: Displays the price action of your selected asset pair. You can customize your chart’s different indicators, timeframes, and display settings to your liking.

    D) Order Book / Market Trades: Displays a list of all the buy and sell orders for your selected cryptocurrency pair. Toggle “Market Trades” button to view a chronological list of all recent completed trades for your selected cryptocurrency pair.

    E) Balances: When toggled, shows your current balance of any assets you have.

    F) Open Orders: A list of all orders that are currently active, including orders that have not yet started to fill and partially filled.

    G) Borrow positions: Any positions you have using borrowed funds from C3.

    H) Order history: A list of all the orders that have been filled, canceled or expired.

    I) Buy module: Allows you to buy assets, as either limit or market orders. 

    J) Margin: You can activate margin using the slider tool up to 100%. This allows you to use borrowed funds to leverage how much of an asset you can buy or sell right now.

    K) Funds available: Displays what you have available, what’s available with margin, the amount you’ve already borrowed, and the current borrow rate C3 offers.

    L) Portfolio Overview: DIsplays your portfolio’s value, current leverage available, your available collateral for margin trading, and portfolio health. 

    M) Portfolio Health: An up-to-date, accurate picture of your portfolio’s standing that displays how close you are to being under maintenance margin. If your portfolio value falls below the maintenance margin, your portfolio’s assets will be liquidated.

    N) Deposit/Withdraw: Quick access to deposit or withdraw assets.


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