How do I use delegations for API trading on C3?


    Since C3 is a self-custodial exchange, it offers the feature of Delegated Trading Keys for programmatic traders. This allows you to retain full custody of your assets in a secure, cold wallet or custodian while delegating trading powers to a separate public address. Here is how to set up your trading delegation:

    1) From the main website, click on the “Delegation” button, which takes you to the delegation form.

    2) Enter the public address of which you’d like to delegate the programmatic trading. ​​This address is typically a hot wallet that can execute trades, lend, and borrow funds on your behalf through the API.

    3) Then set an expiration date, name the delegation to help you keep track, and select the “Confirm” button.

    4) Done! Your delegation has been successfully created. It will be displayed under your  Delegated trading key list.

    Remember: You can revoke the delegation for any reason, whenever you want. This feature adds a layer of flexibility and security, ensuring you retain ultimate control over your trading activities.

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