How do I start a withdrawal from C3?


    First, make sure that you have funds available for withdrawal in C3. Any assets that you are currently lending cannot be withdrawn unless you redeem them. Also, if you have any borrowed assets, you will not be able to withdraw the collateral. 

    From the Trading screen: select the “Withdraw” button at the bottom right of your trading screen.

    In Account Overview: select the “Withdraw” button at the top right of the screen.

    Here’s a step-by-step on how to withdraw your crypto from C3:

    1) Select which asset you want to withdraw, and the amount you’d like to withdraw.

    2) Select your preferred withdrawal network.

    3) Finally, choose the destination address that you’d like to withdraw funds to and select “Withdraw”.

    Remember: You can withdraw to whatever wallet address you want, it does not need to be the same wallet as your C3 Log in wallet. Be sure that your destination wallet address supports the asset you are trying to withdraw, and supports the asset’s network.

    4) Confirm the “Withdrawal summary” pop-up screen in C3.

    5) You must then sign a signature request in your Log in wallet for this withdrawal.

    6) You will receive a C3 notification that your withdrawal is processing. 

    7) After the withdrawal is successful, you’ll get a final notification confirming everything’s completed.

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