How do I sign up to start using C3?


    To get started using C3, you simply need to connect your preferred wallet. There is no “signing up” or creating accounts. We do not do any identity verification of any kind. The wallet you choose to connect is your access to the C3 platform–without any required password, username, or e-mail. 

    Remember: Your wallet is your only way to access C3. If you lose your wallet – or lose access to it – the funds you’ve added to C3 from that wallet will be lost as well. Also if you log in with a different wallet after you’ve already connected your first wallet, it will be like having 2 different accounts to the platform. To keep your transactions in order, it’s best to Log in with the same single wallet every time.

    Here’s how to log in with your wallet to start using C3:

    1) Select the “Login with Wallet” button on the top right navigation of the C3 website

    2) You’ll then have the option to choose what wallet you want to connect. C3 currently supports more than 350 wallets for logging in and is continually looking for other wallets to support in the future.

    3) Your wallet will prompt you with a signature request to authorize connecting C3.

    4) If your connection is successful, you’ll see a welcoming pop-up notification with an option to start depositing crypto right away. 

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