How do I place a margin order?


    1) When placing a market/limit order you must first turn on the margin trading functionality by turning on the “Margin” toggle under the trading slider. This will allow you to enter the maximum margin trading amount you have available to trade. (Turning off the toggle returns the platform to the trading without margin)

    2) You can enter your desired margin amount directly or use the slider margin bar.

    Here’s how to use the slider margin bar:
    The orange portion of the trading bar is the amount of the asset you have available in your account.
    The white portion is the amount of the available leverage from margin that you’re using for the trade.
    The 100% endpoint of the trading bar is the total of your available amount + your maximum leverage available for this asset.

    3) C3 displays the exact borrowing amount for this order below the trading bar.

    Below the “Buy” button (or red “Sell” button if you’re selling) you’ll also see 4 indicators:
    Available: your available balance in your C3 account that can be used to purchase assets.
    Available with margin: your available balance in your C3 account that can be used to purchase assets, plus available leverage from Margin.
    Borrowed amount: how much you have already borrowed from the selected asset.
    Borrow rate: the interest rate at which the selected asset is borrowed.

    4) Once you’ve set your desired margin amount, select the green “Buy” button below (or red “Sell” button if you’re selling).

    5) At the top right corner of the screen you’ll see a notification that your order has been created.

    6) You can track your filled orders in the Order history below the asset chart. If your order is active or partially filled, you can view it in the Open orders tab. To learn more about tracking orders, check this FAQ. 

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