How do I place a limit order?


    3) From the top purple “Limit/Market” buttons, select “Limit” as your order type.

    4) Set your desired price, and your desired order amount. You can enter the number directly, or use the slider to set your amount relative to the percentage of your selected asset you have available in your account.

    C3 displays your total amount available for trading below the “Buy” button (or red “Sell” button if you’re selling).

    If you’re using margin for a market order and want to learn more about how to use it properly, please read this FAQ.

    5) Select the green “Buy” button (or red “Sell” button if you’re selling). 

    6) At the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see a notification that the limit order has been created.

    Your order won’t be executed until the asset reaches your desired price. You can track the status of your orders under the “Open orders” tab (if the order is active or partially filled) or under the “Order History” tab if the order has already been filled.

    7) HODL. Or not, the choice is yours, really.

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