How do I dispense assets into my wallet?


    1) Select the “Dispenser” link in the top navigation of the TestNet platform. 

    2) Choose which asset you’d like to dispense, make sure this asset is supported by your wallet that’s connected to C3.

    3) Then choose the test network.

    4) Confirm that your destination address matches your wallet connected to C3. 

    5) If this is your very first testing deposit on our Testnet, be sure that your wallet has enough to pay the first gas fee. You will only have to pay this gas fee when depositing.

    6) Once your gas fee is successfully paid, select the “Dispense” button.

    7) You will see a notification alert confirming that your assets were dispensed correctly.

    Ethereum has a finality time of around 20 minutes, which is achieved after 64 blocks have been mined. This is similar to the time to finality of traditional exchanges.

    Avalanche has a finality time of just 20 seconds.

    Algorand has a finality time of only 3 seconds, which is achieved after a single transaction has been processed.

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