How do I deposit with a different wallet that is not my Log in wallet?


    You can deposit from any wallet you own, but the wallet you use must match your chosen network and be able to support the asset you want.

    Remember: If you deposit from a different wallet, your Log in wallet (the first wallet you connected to C3) still controls all your total deposits regardless of where they came from. 

    Here’s how to deposit with a different wallet:

    1) If your login wallet matches the asset you want, it will be by default displayed selected, to change it select the “Use another wallet” button.

    If your Login wallet doesn’t match your desired asset, you will not see the “Use another wallet” button, and you’ll need to click “Select a wallet”.

    2) Then select which wallet you want to use to deposit.

    3) If you have never connected that wallet to C3 you will have to do it.

    4) You will see the wallet you have just connected available in Deposit details. Select this wallet and continue with your deposit. The selected wallet is now where this deposit will come from.

    5) Then choose the amount you want to deposit, and select “Deposit”.

    6) You’ll see a notification from C3 asking you to confirm the transaction in your “deposit” wallet. Once you’ve confirmed, you’ll receive a C3 notification that your deposit is being processed.

    7) After the deposit is successful, you’ll get a final notification confirming everything’s completed.

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